GM-General Motors Engines

Rebuilt Hummer Engines on Sale Every Day

Before I get very involved in Hummer engines, let me make this abundantly clear, the Hummer’s the Army uses are not the same as the Hummers sold by General Motors.  A GM Hummer is not even close to being the off road vehicle the Army uses, so don’t fool yourself. I had to say that…

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Need a Rebuilt Chevy Cobalt Engines for Less?

If you own a Chevy Cobalt and all of a sudden the engine fails and it’s out of warranty, most people are miffed for several reasons. The first thoughts go something like, what do I do? Do I need a Rebuilt Chevy Cobalt Engine for Less? Who do I buy my fresh engine from? Is…

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Rebuilt Chevy Malibu Muscle Car Engines

Chevy was on top of its muscle car game in the mid-1960s. The Camaro series was giving the Mustang some serious competition, and the 1964 Malibu added a little more fuel to the ever-growing road muscle fire.

 Rebuilt Chevy Malibu Muscle Car Engines by cost less and last longer. The 1964 Malibu was aptly…

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Rebuilt GM Chevy 6.0L Engines for Sale

Small Block Chevy 6.0 Liter Engines Were Born in 1955 It’s hard to believe, but those small block V8 engines of the mid-1950s are actually progenitors of Vortec 6000 6-liter engines like the LY6, L76, LFA Vortec 6000 cc, and the L96 marine engine. Rebuilt Chevy 6.0L Engines for Sale are on sale at low…

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GM LE2, L44, L82 and LG8 3.1 Liter Engines for Sale

The Roots of the 3.1 litre Engine are Entwined with 2.8 litre GM Roots Most US auto manufacturers were slow to replace cast iron blocks with aluminum blocks. It took some hefty competition from Europe and Japan to get companies like Ford and General Motors to reduce there dependency on iron and switch to lighter…

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Rebuilt Buick 3.8 Liter Engines for Sale

Buick Was the Benchmark for Excellence in the 1960s Everybody wanted one back in the 1960s, but not everyone could afford a Buick. The venerable Buick signified auto excellence back in those days. The 3.8 liter engine, the distinct grille, and the unique tail design made the Buick auto nobility in the eyes of car…

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