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Before I get very involved in Hummer engines, let me make this abundantly clear, the Hummer’s the Army uses are not the same as the Hummers sold by General Motors.  A GM Hummer is not even close to being the off road vehicle the Army uses, so don’t fool yourself. I had to say that first, but if you are researching Rebuilt Hummer Engines on Sale Every Day from a qualified supplier, call

We are talking about street Hummers, the ones you can by off the showroom floor. Lets list the different models of Hummer:
1. Hummer H1. The original off road civilian vehicle. Based on the Army M998 Humvee, which was created and owned by AM General. It, in fact had some similar components to the Army vehicle. Being more comfortable to drive in then an Army Humvee. It offered 5 different engine variations. In 1999 it was redesigned on the Chevy Tahoe chassis. No more Army stuff.
2. Hummer H2. A full sized SUV sold by GM under the Hummer name. A SUT model was made. SUT is an acronym for Sport Utility Truck, almost half of the rear is truck bed. With two engines offered. From 2003–2007, a 6000cc,  6.0 L (366 cubic inch) V8 and for 2008–2009, the 6200cc, or 6.2 L V8
3. Hummer H3. A midsize SUV, SUT introduced in 2005 as the smallest Hummer available. It resides on the Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon Chassis. Three engines are available. A 3.5 L (211 CID) L52 I5, 3.7 L (223 CID) LLR I5 and 5.3 L (325 CID) LH8 V8.

Ordinarily we recommend replacing a Hummer engine with a rebuilt one. Several reason play into said suggestion. The Hummer is considered by some people the epitome of large SUV type of vehicles. I don’t find it particularly attractive, but plenty of people love the rugged looks.  So owners of these vehicles are generally very loyal, payed a lot of money for the vehicle and want to fix it the best way possible when a failure occurs, especially an engine failure.

Another great reason to buy an ultra reliable rebuilt engine is for off road purposes. Can you imagine anything worse than having an engine failure on an off road expedition in the middle of nowhere? Where it’s nearly impossible to get a tow truck to pull your Hummer, with a blown engine to a shop.

Considering the amount of miles returned by one of our rebuilt engines, compared to the cost, the overall long term value can not be understated. To find out more, and have your questions answered with honesty, call and speak with a living human with the right answers.

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