Rebuilt Engines

Rebuilt Diesel Engines

We are rebuilt diesel engine experts. We successfully rebuild thousands of diesel engines each year. Our engine mechanics rebuild Ford, Chevy, Dodge and Cummins diesels that are sold all around the world. We know how to build engines and make sure that we do not take away from the original OEM quality that you expect.…

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Rebuilt VW Passat Engines on Sale

The Volkswagen Passat is a family car that has been built since 1973. It is built by Volkswagen Passenger Cars and is one of the headline mid-size sedans that Volkswagen manufactures. Rebuilt VW Passat Engines are on sale now, for less than expected. 

The VW Passat was introduced in 1973 and featured a 4-cylinder OHC…

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Passat 1.8 [Auto] Rebuilt Engines for Sale

The modern day 1.8 liter engine used in the VW Passat can be identified by using the following code: 1.8 R4 55-76kW. VW engines are not easy to decipher. The Passat has been produced since 1973, believe it or not. VW has come a long way since 1973, from economical basic transportation, to a semi…

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