Passat 1.8 [Auto] Rebuilt Engines for Sale

The modern day 1.8 liter engine used in the VW Passat can be identified by using the following code: 1.8 R4 55-76kW. VW engines are not easy to decipher. The Passat has been produced since 1973, believe it or not. VW has come a long way since 1973, from economical basic transportation, to a semi luxury, excellent performing mid class car. When you say Passat 1.8 [Auto] Rebuilt Engines for sale, is your best choice.

The engine in question is 1.8 liters in size, or 1800 cc [cubic centimeters] or 108.7 cubic inches, depending on which numerical system you use. A variety of ID codes were used to determine which car said engine was installed in at the factory.

ID codes are as such: HT, RD, RV, PB, GZ, GX, PF, FP, ABS, ADZ, ACC.

Having four inline cylinders and a cast iron block, it is very sturdy and has a long life expectancy if properly maintained. Some of the main features include Bosch CIS continuous single-point direct fuel injection system, with or without [pre 1981 is without] knock control and electronic timing advance curve. Called a Lambda setup.

The more modern 1.8 liter engines featured Bosch multi-point electronic indirect fuel injection with four intake manifold-direct cylinder fuel injectors. As car engines in general used better technology, VW made a point to keep up with, and become a front runner in effective engine technology.

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