Rebuilt Buick 3.8 Liter Engines for Sale

Buick Was the Benchmark for Excellence in the 1960s
Everybody wanted one back in the 1960s, but not everyone could afford a Buick. The venerable Buick signified auto excellence back in those days. The 3.8 liter engine, the distinct grille, and the unique tail design made the Buick auto nobility in the eyes of car lovers. Since Buick used two different 3.8 liter engine, count on to buy Rebuilt Buick 3.8 Liter Engines for Sale.

The 3.8 liter engine was a V6 back then. It was created from an aluminum V8 in the GM’s stable of engines. This powerful “Fireball” displaced an incredible 198 cubic inches since it shared tooling with the aluminum V8.

At the end of 1963 the bore was increased, which increased the displacement to 225 cubic inches. That was the same displacement found on the 300 V8. Since the 3.8 liter had the same bore as the 1966 340 V8 it could be produced on the same assembly line. That made it relatively easy to produce in car terms, plus combining it on the production line reduced the cost. GM was able to use the 3.8 liter to sell its compact models as well as the flagship Buick.

Back in those days the demand for the V6 model was less than expected so GM sold the design to Jeep in 1967. The gas crisis hit in the 1970s so the demand for inexpensive, lightweight, and versatile engines increased. Buick bought back the 3.8 litre V6 design from Jeep in 1974. With a little tweaking Buick was able to produce the 3.8 Litre V6 on the same assembly line as the 350. The engine shared the same pistons and other parts and still retain the “odd-fire” design.

Buick Redesigns the 3.8 Litre so It Could Be Used in Other Models
Buick knew it had a winner in the 3.8 liter V6. In 1977, the company redesign the engine so it could be used in turbo Regals and some Rivieras. The turbo model didn’t change much until it got a facelift in 1985 when oil pans went from 20 bolts to 14 bolts.

There were a number of 3.8 liter Buick engine designs and they all helped Buick maintain its reputation over the years. Parts for the 3.8 liter engine are still easy to find. Many of the specialty parts on newer model engines are actually parts that were used on older 3.8 liter engines at one time or another.

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