Rebuilt Mazda 626 Engines for Sale

Mazda 626 Engines for Sale | Rebuilt Engines for Sale Mazda1979 was the first year the Mazda 626 hit the driver’s marketplace and the reception was lukewarm. The initial Mazda engines were SOHC, but they only garnered about 80 horsepower. The answer to the fuel crisis in the ’70s was the 626, but the first generation was not built with the average American driver in mind. Several attempts in the 1980s to up the horsepower were made and the GT 626 was a better seller. The 2.0, 2.5 and 2.2-liter 626 are the most recognized and the ones that Mazda used the most. These rebuilt Mazda 626 engines for sale are sitting in our warehouse right now ready to be shipped to any destination.

1988 was the year of the takeoff of the 626 as it competed directly with the Honda Civic and Toyota Camry. Our rebuilt Mazda engines are OEM originals that are pulled right out of operational cars. We choose to put our mechanical skills to work and rebuild these engines for our customers. They are already in great shape before we turn one wrench for the rebuild. Our Mazda selection process of elimination will not allow us to bring a motor into our engine shop that is inferior quality. Nothing that we do on the rebuild could help a poor quality engine. You get only the best 626 engines here.

Rebuilt Mazda 626 Engines for Sale Dyno Tested

A visual inspection by a trained mechanic can discover a lot of harmful things. When someone with a trained eye knows what to examine, the results of an examination can be surprising and devastating. We don’t rely solely on the eyes of our mechanics. We dyno test each and every Mazda motor that we work on to be 100 percent certain that we have done our job to the best of our ability. This expert level of work and consummate professionalism is almost unheard of now in the engine industry. We are finding that some dealers are passing along use engines that are never tested to the buying public. We care about what you put into your Mazda 626 and will guarantee that our engines are exactly what you need to make it great.

Only the engines that make it through our strenuous testing are put on sale to you. The rest, if any, go back to the engine shop if there is something that we need to overhaul again. Part of what you pay us to do is to use our education as experienced mechanics to produce a great engine. We do that and more. We throw in a warranty at absolutely no cost to you with your purchase. We feel that this extra assurance creates a bond of trust with you. You never have to worry about problems after you install one of our rebuilt Mazda 626 engines for sale.

Rebuilt Mazda 626 Engines for Sale Price Quote 

Get our Mazda price by calling 1-(336) 355-5679. You speak to a 626 engine expert and not some intern. We always have a fresh supply of Mazda engines for sale and not rusty engines that have sat way too long on a factory shelf. Our rebuilds are just like new. Do you want to get our price online? Use our Mazda 626 quote form. Our specialists email your price right to you.