Rebuilt Mazda 2.3 Engines for Less Money

Rebuilt Mazda 2.3 Engines for Less Money

Rebuilt Mazda 2.3 Engines for Less Money

I can remember rebuilding my first car engine. I was about 6 years old when I took apart my dads lawnmower, I eventually ended up getting it running, though it was after he got another one. The first car engine I rebuilt was a far cry from a Mazda 2.3 liter rebuilt engine job. We have rebuilt Mazda 2.3 liter engines for less money than our competitors, without sacrificing anything.

My personal opinion of rebuilt engines is as such. If you are like me, in the 99% of people who make a living, but are of the ‘not rich‘ class, buying a properly rebuilt engine is like giving your car another life. It’s cheaper than a new car, it’s a good decision and in the end, you will feel better than if you had a knee jerk reaction and just bought a new car. Believe me.

FYI: My first car engine was a 1958 T Bird motor. It was a huge, heavy 352 cubic inch cast iron V8 engine. It was a great experience too. I have spent my whole life as a professional mechanic and shop owner, being a car transmission mechanic primarily.

Because modern cars have such a close relationship between engines and the rest of the car, I had to become an expert diagnostician to diagnose anything nowadays.

So as not to confuse you, Mazda makes 2 different 2.3 liter engines. If you need an engine, let us figure out which one you have, all you need is your registration handy.

1. Madza makes an inline 4 cylinder 2.3 liter L series engine. L3-VE, L3-DE. An ordinary, modern day gasoline engine, without any fancy features.
2. Mazda offers a V6 2.3 liter engine of the K family. KJ-ZEM is the code. It is one of Mazdas most technologically advanced engines. This engine is quite unique, as it operates using the “Miller Cycle” method over the very common “Otto Cycle” means.

I don’t have the space to discuss both engine types. But the Miller cycle engines uses a supercharger to boost the compression, which in turn boosts horsepower. Here is a long detailed definition of Miller Cycle.

Other than the obvious benefits concerning the overall value of a fresh, rebuilt engine with all the proper updates and more fuel efficient parts is this, you are doing something GREEN. Instead of “junking” the old engine and leaving it to leak oil and coolant into the earth, rebuilt motors are recycled, so to speak.

Not only do you get a terrific engine which will cost nearly nothing for the: dollar to mile delivered, the earth will be a better place. The facilities our rebuilders use meet every environmental code 100% or more.

My advise is to call and speak with a seasoned engine pro. There is nothing like calling and talking to someone who can fill you in on things you should know before you buy an engine.

It’s our pleasure to take as much time as you need to teach you more about engine replacement. Call now for a Mazda 2.3 liter engine, or any rebuilt engine.