Sprinter 3500 Engine For Sale

Technically speaking the Sprinter 3500 is a light to medium duty van sold by Dodge. Essentially it is a commercial vehicle that took the place of the huge Dodge Maxi Vans. It is built by Mercedes-Benz although it is sold as a Dodge product under the Dodge name. Several people have called recently for a rebuilt Sprinter 3500 engine for sale.

The model designations for the first generation Sprinter are W901, W902, W903, W904 and W905, depending on the gross weight rating.

The first generation of Sprinter was made from 1995 to present times. It may seem confusing, because the second generation of Sprinter was in production at the same time, from 2006 to the present. Below is a list of the generation one Sprinter engines;
Phase I 1995–2000:

2.3L I4 OM 601 79 hp Diesel
2.9L I5 OM 602 102 hp Turbodiesel
2.9L I5 OM 602 129 hp Turbodiesel
2.3L I4 M 111 143 hp DOHC 16v MPI

Phase II 2000–2006: 2.1L I4 OM 611 82 hp CDI
2.1L I4 OM 611 109 hp CDI
2.1L I4 OM 611 129 hp CDI
2.7L I5 OM 612/ OM 647 156 hp CDI
2.3L I4 M 111 143 hp DOHC 16V MPI

The second generation Sprinter was introduced in the USA in 2006 and is built on a Volkswagen LT  chassis. In North America, only the six cylinder 3.0 liter turbo-diesel and six cylinder 3.5 liter gasoline engines are offered.

Called the OM642 by Mercedes Benz, it is a turbocharged 3L V6 diesel engine using an aluminum block. Using common rail fuel injection.

The Sprinter is no ordinary vehicle. Thus, we recommend a rebuilt engine as the best replacement engine for a work vehicle. The Sprinter is a work vehicle in the US for the most part, although lots of people are finding out they can be converted into nice little motor-homes also.

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