Rebuilt Volkswagen Eos 1F7 Engines for Sale

Introduced in 2006 as the successor to the Golf, The Volkswagen Eos is a four seat, 2 door convertible with a retractable roof. Personally, I don’t care for convertibles, my bald head gets a sunburn. Wouldn’t you agree, It would be surprising to have an engine failure on a car released so recently?

We know VW is German car, and German engineering is outstanding, but engines fail in and out of warranty for a variety of reasons that don’t count under the guarantee. For instance, if the engine overheated and you did not notice the gauge or stop in time, in most cases, that is driver error and not a warrant-able problem.

For reasons likes that, and more, has Rebuilt Volkswagen Eos 1F7 Engines for Sale everyday at no gimmick pricing. The Eos is a sport car, a mixture of luxury, economy and good looks. It also is a front engine/front wheel drive car. Only front wheel drive engines fit the car.

I want to touch again on unwarrantable conditions or engine failures. Overheating your engine to a point of failure is clearly the drivers error. That is why YOU have a Temp. Gauge. Or, running out of oil is not anyone’s fault but the drivers. You have an oil gauge or idiot light, it goes on before the oil is gone. Watch your gauges to avoid unnecessary failures.
The list of engines offered all fit the Volkswagen Group A5 [PQ35] platform and includes these motors:
1.4L I4
1.6L I4
2.0 L I4
3.2L V6
3.6L V6
2.0L TDI I4: A turbocharged VW Diesel.

Why would I be so adamant about using a rebuilt engine, as opposed to another variant? We all know German engineering is some of the finest automotive engineering in the world. You don’t want to compromise the quality of engineering on such a precision car.

In fact, by not buying a rebuilt VW engine, and opting for something less, you are bypassing the best value in replacement engines. For the cost, nothing offers more long term value, and no short term frustrations concerning buying, shipping and warranty issues. believes that an educated consumer makes better decisions. I think the fact that you own a VW suggests that you made a solid decision when you choose the car brand. If you want to speak with a real, live human with the knowledge and experience to teach you everything you want to know in terms that make sense to you. Call us right now.

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