Toyota Camry Engines Rebuilt to Perfection


The Toyota Camry is one of the most successful cars ever. It’s been on the Market in the USA since 1982 and is currently being made and still very popular. Not very many car models are so popular. Toyota has managed to keep the Camry fresh by constantly update the body, chassis and power-train to stay on top of the industry.¬† We sell lots of Toyota Camry engines rebuilt to perfection because there are lots of Camry’s running around still.

By no means am I saying Toyota Camry engines are not reliable, but when a car company produces a successful car for over 26 years, there are lots of worn out engines occurring all the time. Most Camry owners understand the idea of value. People who own Camry’s would rather buy a rebuilt motor and keep the car, than buy a new car.

That says a lot about how well the Camry drives, how much useable room it has inside, excellent manners and fuel economy  and staying competitive by knowing what their customers want.

Here is a list of each generation and identity that goes with it respectively. Toyota made too may engines over the years to list them all. For that call and discuss it with a professional service adviser.

1. V10: 1982 to 1986
2. V20: 1988 to 1991 in the US
3. V30: 199 to 1994
4. V40: 1994 to 1998 [JDM] Japanese domestic market
5. XV10-AKA: Apollo. 1991 to 1997
6. XV20: 1996 to 2001
7. XV30: 2001 to 2006
7. XV40: 2006 to current

One of the most popular Camry engines is the 2.4-liter 2AZ-FE I4 engine. The AZ family are all inline four cylinder engines made out of an aluminum alloy to keep the weight down. The AZ family features plenty of advanced technologies including slant-squish combustion chambered head, offset cylinder and crank centers, and the VVT-i [continuously variable intake] valve timing system.

We always recommend rebuilt engines as the best value going in replacement engines. The cost is very reasonable which makes it a great long term value. Nothing beats the peace of mind our rebuilt motors bring to you. An awesome rebuilt engine with pure value built right into it.

We sell low mileage used engines for those on a budget who need a quality replacement engine for less. We also have JDM engines for sale. I advise you to call an expert at for more details on JDM engines.

Most potential customers thrive off of our free education program and make better decisions. Allow us to show case our world class customer support and sell you the engine that fits your interests. Call right now.