Fully Rebuilt Engines for Sale Muscle Cars

Classic Car Owners Should Keep the Original Motor Under the Hood
There’s nothing sweeter in a car lovers mind than a classic car that looks like it is in original condition. Classic cars are worth more now than ever before. Baby boomers grew up in the muscle car generation where engine power was the drug that made each day a rocket ride of sorts. Bringing those old Mustangs, Camaros, GTO’s and Chargers back to life is possible with Fully Rebuilt Engines for Sale Muscle Cars from RebuiltEngines.co.

It’s not just the classic cars that benefit when a complete engine reconditioning is done. Any car made in any year is a candidate for an engine makeover. The main advantages of a rebuilding an engine are:

  • Upfront core charges are avoided. Core charges are those charges that apply if a core component of the engine is junk.
  • Mounting, smog and sensor holes on the engine match up. There are no surprises in terms of compatibility.
  • There’s a substantial cost savings with a complete engine rebuild, plus all parts meet OEM specifications.

Complete engine remanufacturing includes the machining of cylinder heads, a new Rocker Arm Assembly, and new or reconditioned camshafts. New parts include: oil pump, reconditioned or new push rods, rocker arm shaft, nut replacement, a full set of gaskets, and new solid lifters, as well as a hydraulic lifter.

Car Engines Are Not Just a Huge Jumbled Mess of Wires and Cast Iron

A complete engine rebuild is not just replacing a bunch of wires and parts with another bunch of oil splattered parts. In order to understand the process some knowledge of the combustion engine is required, although thousands of people replaced there engines without understanding why it works when the key is tuned.

Most of the engines on the market today are four stroke and spark-internal combustion engines. The four strokes are compression, intake, power, and exhaust. The pistons travel downward on the inward stroke and then up on the compression stroke, and then down on the power stroke, and then up again on the exhaust stroke.

The downward motion of a piston opens a valve. The fuel-air mixture is drawn into a cylinder and when the piston hits the bottom of the stroke the valve closes. When the piston moves up the fuel mixture is compressed. When the spark plugs fire the fuel mixture is ignited. The result is a powerful vapor expansion. The piston is pushed down with great force and the energy turns the crankshaft and power is provided to drive the vehicle.

Find out more about complete engine rebuilding. RebuiltEngines.co has a complete lineup of rebuilt engines for every car or truck made. We service the entire auto industry, not just muscle cars.

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