Go Green Buy Rebuilt Isuzu Engines Now

Go Green Buy Rebuilt Isuzu Engines Now

Go Green Buy Rebuilt Isuzu Engines Now

Why the Isuzu Axiom only had a production run from 2002 to 2004 is a mystery to me. It’s very stylish, and is fairly luxurious, built on the popular Rodeo chassis with it’s “knife blade” body style. Chances are you need an engine, or engine info if you are reading this. Did you know that buying a rebuilt engine is the GREEN thing to do?

Only one engine was available in the Axiom, called the 6VE1, it is a 3.5 liter, 230 horsepower V6 engine using direct port injection. Considered a premium engine, it was also used in the Trooper and Vehicross’. It is a non interference engine. A non interference engine is one where if a timing belt or chain breaks, the pistons and valves will NOT interfere with each other and break pistons or bend valves.

For many reasons we recommend and sell rebuilt engines. One of the reasons for this is simple, for the money, a better value for your Axiom can’t be found. Realistically speaking the Axiom is the perfect aged car for a rebuilt engine, should the unfortunate be needed. A used engine with low mileage may be hard to find.

That being said, did you ever think about this? A rebuilt engine is the green way to go. It is. Because the engine is not thrown away, or put in a junk yard for scrap metal, rather, it is being recycled by rebuilding it and reusing the block and several other parts, instead of turning it into environmentally unsafe trash.

Instead of picking up an engine that has been laying in the junk yard, exposed to the elements, and leaking oil and coolant into the ground, a remanufactured engine is really a recycled product. Many of the parts have to be changed. Making note to dispose of all oils or unsafe parts correctly.

Another tremendous benefit is that each engine is updated to the latest standards. Any and all structural and efficiency improvements are included in the process to give you a BETTER engine than the original one.

Does this sound like what you are looking for? Don’t cheat yourself or the environment. You will feel good about yourself if you remain true to yourself and the environment. More so, you will feel good because once a professional installs your new engine, you can forget about it except for regular maintenance.

Peace of mind is one of the ingredients every rebuilt engine have built right into it. If you want to talk with a professional engine person about your Isuzu Axiom, callĀ RebuiltEngines.co right away, allow us to help you solve your engine problem.