Rebuilt Dodge Ram Engines: 5.9 Liters

Dodge Walked on the Wild Side When it Introduced the Ram Pickup Truck
The Dodge Brothers got into the truck manufacturing arena back in 1917 and built a solid reputation for offering vehicles that could take a beating and still look good. Showrooms around the country were happy to sell these 20th century workhorses. They added more revenue and credibility to their growing number of car dealerships across the country. Rebuilt Dodge Ram Truck Engines: 5.9 Liters in particular, were not avaiable for another 70 something years. Got an old Ram, we have a rebuilt engine for you, cheap.

The pickup was the farmer and the construction worker’s friend, but there was another truck consumer emerging who wanted to walk on the wild side on the weekends so in the early eighties Dodge introduced their Ram series. Dodge dealerships found a new and loyal breed of truck lovers.

The name Ram came from Dodge’s head ornament, which was used in the 1930s and then dropped in the 1950s. In 1981 Lee Iacocca resurrected the Ram when he became President. He needed an engine that could produce the power of a Ram. Cummins, the engine company, was already supplying 225 cubic inch 95 horsepower slant six engines to Dodge so it was a natural move to design an engine that could power the new Ram and become its cast iron soul mate.

Cummins Found the Answer in 1984
The 5.9 liter Cummins engine was actually developed as an agricultural engine in 1984, but with a few modifications Cummins supplied the First 5.9 liter B series engine to Dodge for the Ram. The 5.9 Liter 12 valve diesel became a popular alternative to the V8 engines that were typically used in pickup trucks because it produced double the torque and almost double the fuel economy at low speeds.

In 1991 the 5.9 litre Dodge engine was redesigned with an inter-cooler as well as Bosch direct fuel injection and a VE injection pump. The VE pump was used until 1993 and in 1998 the P7100 injection pump took over. That 359 cubic inch engine had 160- 225 horsepower @ 2500 rpms and 400-440 ft-lbs of torque @ 1600 rpms. It had a bore of 4.02 inches and a stroke of 4.72 inches, and a compression ratio of 17.0:1.

The strength, simplicity, reliability, and performance of the 5.9 liter Dodge engine made it one of the most popular engines in the truck market. It is still considered the granddaddy of power engines, and a symbol of Ram toughness in Dodge trucks. Find out more about the Rebuilt 5.9 liter engines we have for sale by emailing or calling now.