Rebuilt Pontiac Grand Am Engines cost less

The Grand Am name came from the popular Grand Prix (Grand) and the Powerful Firebird Trans Am (Am), which was one of the muscle cars of the late 1960s and early 1970s. The standard engine in the Grand Am was the 400 cubic inch, 2-barrel 170 horsepower V8 with a standard turbo-Hydramatic 400 automatic transmission. An optional 400 cubic inch 230 horsepower 4-barrel engine or a 455 cubic inch 250 horsepower 4-barrel were also available. Simply put Rebuilt Pontiac Grand Am Engines cost less at, call right now.

There were only 600-900 4-speed manual transmissions made in 1973 and part of 1974 because the stick was only available with the 400 cubic inch 4-barrel engine. In 1974, GM promoted the Grand Am as an American car with foreign intrigue. GM knew that their market share was in jeopardy thanks to the Germans as well as the Japanese.

The oil embargo had a huge impact on sales in 1974. The Grand Am took a big hit in terms of units sold; a little over 17,000 cars hit the streets that year, and most of them were 2-door models. The catalytic convertor conversion of 1975 took another toll on the Grand Am sales, since dual exhausts were eliminated, and compression ratios dropped to 7.6 to 1 on some engines.

The standard engine in 1975 was still the 400 cubic inch 170 horsepower 2-barrel V8, and the optional engines choices were a 185 horse or 200 horse 455 cubic inch 4-barrel with the turbo-Hydramatic transmission, but only 10,679 Grand Am’s were built that year. The switch to the A-body in 1976 didn’t help the sales situation either, but the A-body was used through 1977.

GM decided to replace the Grand Am with the Pontiac 6000 in 1980, but the company put the car on ice after that model year. It was reintroduced in 1985 when GM dropped the Pontiac Phoenix.

The Grand Am became Pontiac’s best selling car that year. It replaced the Pontiac G6, which was a pitiful attempt to gain market share in the competitive compact market.

The Grand Am was built on the N-platform in 1985. The 2.5 litre Tech IV engine was standard, and a 3.0 litre V6 engine was optional. The 2.0 litre turbocharged 4-cylinder replaced the 2.5 litre engine in 1987. The Quad “LD2” replaced the 2.0 litre in 1988, but the 3.0 litre V6 was still an option.

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