Pontiac 3.8 Liter V6 Engines for Sale

What Goes Around Comes Around
In the auto industry the old is never far from the new in terms of body lines and subtle car innuendos. The 1960s introduced a new generation to a group of muscle cars that made driving an international speedway event for some inexperienced teens, and an incredible new emotional high for car lovers who believed that good looks and power were the ingredients for personal success. But, by the 1970s muscle cars had morphed into high performance, gas guzzling, step children that needed an engine adjustment as well as an attitude alignment, Pontiac 3.8 Liter V6 Engines for Sale became more popular as the times changed.

The 1980s came and went in a somewhat morbid state of muscle car atrophy, but the 1990s came in with a sense of steroidal ecstasy that made a new generation perk up and admire muscle mania in regenerated glory. The 1993 Pontiac Firebird and Chevy Camaro were back in rip roaring splendor and the Corvette was waking up after what seemed like a fifteen year old siesta.

By 1995 the Pontiac was sporting a 200 horsepower, 3.8 liter V6 engine that sent the 160 horsepower, 3.4 liter engine to another car dimension. The 3.8 litre engine became the standard engine on 1996 Firebirds, and the 275 horsepower, 5.7 V8 was under the hood of the Trans Am. The 3.8 liter Pontiac engine was used as the standard engine for Firebirds through the 2002 model year.

The 3.8 Litre Pontiac Engine Has an Illustrious History
Muscle cars were just one notch on the gun belt of the 3.8 litre engine’s history. The original design is well over thirty years old. It came from the all aluminum 215 horsepower V8. In the early 1960s the “Fireball” V6 had a whopping 195 cubic inch displacement and it shared tooling with the 215 horsepower V8. In 1963 the bore was increased to 225 cubic inches and it stayed there until 1967.

GM found a way to produce a reliable engine on the same assembly line as their 340 V8 and that meant that more engines could be produced to meet the growing demand for fuel efficient engines. Inexpensive compact fuel efficient cars started rolling off production lines with the 3800cc Pontiac engine under the hood, and the gas conscious public bought them with reckless abandonment. But, Pontiac compact excellence didn’t last long so the 3.8 engine was redesigned into a turbo model. Deck heights were revised for thicker composition head gaskets in 1987 and oil pan bolts went from 20 bolts instead of 14.

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