Rebuilt Mercury Cougar Engines

Rebuilt Mercury Cougar EnginesMercury Cougar was in production from 1967 to 2002. This Ford produced vehicle started out competing with the Mustang and then found its niche in the passenger car and sedan markets. The Cougar has always been a part of the luxury Mercury brand for Ford. The body stylings and design were similar to other Ford cars like the Thunderbird. What powered the Cougar were several different engines. Most of the time, a 4-cylinder or V6 was used in favor of the larger V8 engines available. You’ll find that our rebuilt Mercury Cougar engines give you the value and price that you are searching for on the Internet.

Since there were eight generations of this vehicle produce dthere are a lot of engines. Ford always did research and experimentation based on feedback by buyers. The Cougar was one of its most in demand automobiles. Upon the cancellation of the Cougar, Ford switched to all V6 engines for Mercury vehicles almost up until its termination in 2010. Whether you need a 4-cylinder or V6 Cougar engine, we have what you are trying to find online in stock. We employ complete experts here. What goes on in our rebuilding shop is sheer perfection. These professionals are all experienced in the auto industry.

Rebuilt Mercury Cougar EnginesĀ 

Do you have a classic Cougar? It’s not a problem getting an engine for it. We sell the late model and the classic Mercury models. The pleasant relationships that our team builds with Ford dealerships and wholesalers are what keep our quality high. It’s easy to get a used engine. The hard part comes when our team must rebuild it. We pay special attention to the block and all of the parts attached to it. We remove the parts that have reached the end of their life cycle. It is these parts that can lead to damage to the engine. New OEM Mercury parts are put back onto the block thereby remanufacturing the Cougar engine.

We might make it sound simple but it is hard work. Nothing is simply built here. We add Mercury Cougar engine testing and we trace the OEM schematics. We know what the compression and performance levels should indicate. More than one engine test is given to assure us that we are selling a great motor to a customer. You can be part of a body shop, junkyard or just be a regular driver and make purchases here. We don’t discriminate. Each customer is offered identical pricing. We don’t participate in favors that only a select few people share. Our remanufactured Cougar engines provide the longevity and value that thousands of our customers need.

Rebuilt Mercury Cougar Engines PricingĀ 

Low pricing is one of our company policies. We don’t sell at full MSRP. Customers come here for low price quotes. That’s what is always given. Use our rebuilt Mercury Cougar engine quote form here. It’s fast and gives you a great deal. You can then call us by phone at 1-(336) 355-5679. Ask us a detailed question or let us know where we need to ship out your engine. It’s that simple here.