Rebuilt Ford ZX2 2.0L Engines for Sale

Rebuilt Ford ZX2 2.0L Engines for Sale | Rebuilt Ford EnginesFord Escort had a miraculous run for almost 20 years before Ford decided to retire it. Things changed a lot after the Taurus was created and it became the number one car in the lineup. After the Taurus and Taurus X were retired, the Escort ZX2 was reborn and given a 2 to 3-year production run. Buyers snatched up these 2.0-liter powered vehicles and we still have the engines available for sale. Our rebuilt Ford ZX2 2.0L engines for sale give you the lowest price point of any engine dealer online. We know how to buy and we definitely know how to sell. You will never go broke buying one of these engines from our website.

We are a rebuilt engines company. This means that all of what we sell is remanufactured before it is put into cars and trucks of our customers. Every one of these engines begins as a used one. The mileage can often be small or large depending on the source where it is purchased. Low mileage is what we prefer and what we select for a rebuild. Our engine mechanics are the only qualified persons that take part in the procedures for rebuilding. We pay them a great salary and they are loyal to us. Escort engines are much better when they are remanufactured according to the OEM Ford design. This is what we do here.

Rebuilt Ford ZX2 2.0L Engines for Sale

Have you ever heard of a dyno test? If you are buying engines from shady dealers online, you are probably unaware of this type of engine testing process. We’ll tell you what it is and how we use it. This is a specific computer test. It is expensive and that’s one reason why most sellers ignore it. Engines do not simply come and go from our inventory without spending time inside of our dyno testing laboratory. Compression is a big deal with an engine and you can learn quickly if there are header or gasket problems that would prevent an engine starting up now or in the future. We spend a lot of time on the idle and check it with and without high speed loads.

At the completion of testing is also an important part, our engines are nicely cataloged and numbered in our inventory. This is how we know what we have and what we can sell at what price. This is an important step that many forget to make. This is how inventory should be kept and it eliminates any problems of telling our customers we have something in stock when we really do not. Buying a 2.0-liter Ford engine online is not complicated here. Our professional attitude and reputation for selling are yet unmatched online.

Rebuilt Ford ZX2 2.0L Engines for Sale Pricing

You have landed on a powerful website here at You never have to wait and will always get the lowest pricing at any given time. Super easy is how we like to do business. Use our ZX2 quote form that we have created just for our customers. It gives out the most accurate price and lets you know what you will pay plus shipping. Call our toll free line at 1-(336) 355-5679 if you want to learn more. Now that’s easy.