Rebuilt Ford XLT 5.4L Rebuilt Engines

Ford XLT 5.4L Rebuilt Engines | Rebuilt Engines Ford Triton 5.4LThe Ford F-150 pickup series is very popular and still going strong in the 21st century. The XLT Ford trucks hold the 5.4L engine. This Triton V8 is the go-to engine for most Super Duty Ford trucks and we have a good supply of these Ford XLT 5.4L rebuilt engines for sale. Much of our success comes from selling remanufactured engines around the world. Our strong relationships with Ford dealers and distributors gives us the access we need to buy these engines cheap. Instead of selling high, we sell low at huge discounts. This saves every customer money when purchasing our rebuilt Ford engines.

The XLT is the designation for the medium and heavy-duty trucks. These trucks need a lot of power to pull boats, cars or trailers and the 5.4-liter Triton does the trick. Searching for these rebuilt engines takes a little work to ensure you get a great deal. We offer one of the best values that you will ever receive in a Ford replacement engine. We are able to rebuild everything that we purchase. We find huge discounts from our distributors that sell engines that are in great shape but used. We instantly buy these Ford motors and bring them into our engine shop for a rebuild. This is how we do business and what we are known for in the engine industry.

Hand-Built Ford XLT 5.4L Rebuilt Engines

That’s right. All of our work is completed with our bare hands. We don’t rely on machinery or special devices to do the work that we are trained to do. Our expert mechanics evaluate the condition of Ford used engines when they are brought to our engine shop. We run a report that gives us all of the data that we need to start the remanufacturing. When we know what to do, we start disassembling the 5.4L Triton engines and begin putting on OEM parts. What we end up with is an engine that a Ford plant would be proud to put their name on when selling to the public. We are that good.

Our completed rebuilds are what is sold from our inventory. We guarantee that our engines are ready for drop in and you will not have to struggle with them during the installation. Since we ship our motors in crates, receiving them is easy and the engines do not arrive beat up. We make it very clear to our freight carriers that we expect our shipments to be error-free and we very rarely have to process damage claims. You get the total package when you buy our rebuilt engines. A great price, fantastic rebuild and ultra fast shipping.

Your Price for Ford XLT 5.4L Rebuilt EnginesĀ 

You have to call us to find out our low price. Call toll free at 1-(336) 355-5679 and it will be given to you fast. Our inventory is so big that we catalog everything in our computer. We keep our pricing accurate to serve you better. We can get you our price by email if you want. Just use the 5.4L Triton quote form on this page and we get our lowest price to you.